Media Buying

We connect creatives and the media.
  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation and Persona Creation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Integrated Media Strategy and Buying
  • Online Media Buying
  • Offline Media Buying
  • Performance Marketing
  • Media Market Research

A data-based combination of classic and digital channels

The modern market is becoming more targeted, personalised, socially integrated, and interactive. Where, when, and how you address the customers is key to the perception of your brand and the success of communication.

We don’t see the media only as an advertising space, but seek new opportunities and forms of more effective communication. To achieve objectives, we develop strategic partnerships and search for new ways and tools in the synergy of individual campaigns.

We optimise for reach and sales

We plan an integrated media strategy on all relevant classic and digital media, based on target group analysis and customer journey, pursuing various objectives - from attracting attention to sales.

Successful media buying is a process demanding constant data analysis and optimisation. We can constantly improve the lease and content of the ads based on new insights, thus achieving an improved efficiency of the use of your marketing assets.

“I love and appreciate our collaboration with Futura DDB, primarily because of the partnership, uncomplicated relationship with its highly engaged and professional staff. We never feel neglected because we are a "small" client, they are always reliable, adaptable and have understanding for our needs and problems. We found a common language in a short time and I am looking forward to future ideas and building our cooperation.”
Manuela Sentđerđi Čorković PR marketing manager @ Mömax

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