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Welcome to Futura.

We combine creativity, analyticalness and flexibility by creating unique solutions for your and our better business future.


We believe that creativity is the creation and execution of unique ideas that convey a certain message in an original way.

We always offer our clients only those creative solutions that will make their brand, product or service recognizable, visible, desirable and remembered.


We know that good analysis works wonders. That is why we approach each task as a scientific project.

Data, numbers, and facts derived from research or experience are the foundation of our work. With an analytical approach, we can offer our clients more creative and innovative content and solutions that give the desired sales results.


We are sure that only change is permanent, so we are always ready for quick and rational actions and reactions. How do we achieve this?

By filling our creativity with imagination, directing our analytics to predictions, and extending our flexibility to that future in which both our clients and we will feel more successful and secure.


Futura is its people and our successes are the product of teamwork. That is why the management cultivates interpersonal relationships. With our experience and example, we make sure that the work is performed with a clear objective and ambition, to exceed expectations and to not suffer mediocrity. We care for long-term development and are aware that we must always keep a step ahead of others. With our vision we are the right business partner for companies who want to place the customer at the centre of their operation. Companies who want to understand customer needs and connect with them using authentic, relevant, and inspiring communication with measurable effects.

Tvrtko Kračun
Tvrtko Kračun
Martina Ardalić
Martina Ardalić
Digital account manager
Ivana Cerovac
Ivana Cerovac
Digital project manager
Vlatka Šormaz
Vlatka Šormaz
Account manager
Nela Ban
Nela Ban
Account director
Tanja Šoštarić
Tanja Šoštarić
Art director
Mihaela Pavlović
Mihaela Pavlović
Senior copywriter
Alan Brežanski
Alan Brežanski
Creative director
Dario Pavlek
Dario Pavlek
Mateja Peharda
Mateja Peharda
Strategic Development
  • 1Defining business oportunities
  • 2Brand positioning
  • 3Omni-channel strategy
  • 4Integrated communication strategy
  • 5Brand development planning
  • 6Product and service innovations
  • 7Entering new markets and launching brands
  • 8Customer segmentation and persona creation
  • 9Data strategies and business intelligence

Our strategies will help you find relevant insights into the market, competition, and customers, as well as to simplify the complexity of modern marketing. By giving meaning to data, planning the customer journey, functional integration and innovative use of the digital environment, we identify new business opportunities that create added value for the company as well as your customers.

Client Development
  • 1Strategic consulting
  • 2Planning and strategy implementation
  • 3Marketing investment
  • 4Management and optimisation
  • 5Work process simplification
  • 6Increasing work efficiency

Client development and management represents an intense relationship between the client and the team led by the client’s liaison. At Futura, we believe in long-term partnerships, which is why we carefully select the team that will guide the client through the set marketing activities. The relationship is based on trust and mutual respect. A crucial part of our work is the establishment of a “platform” that standardises and simplifies the operative implementation of activities, enables prompt adjustment and measurement of their effects, and supports the client’s marketing team.

  • 1Creative design
  • 2Branding
  • 3Graphic design
  • 4Packaging design
  • 5Copywriting & storytelling

In each interaction with the customer, brands create a certain experience. Our most empathic creative department is in charge of the positive experience in brand communication, which creates stories based on relevant insights and connects the customers to the brand. We would gladly undertake the challenge of designing and implementing online, offline, and integrated campaigns for you.

UX & Digital
  • 1User experience design
  • 2User interface design
  • 3Digital services innovation
  • 4Digital ecosystem planning
  • 5User journey mapping
  • 6Usability testing
  • 7Web analytics

Modern marketing is too complex for isolated digital solutions. Our digital team will help you plan, design, and develop digital solutions that form an integrated ecosystem of services and support the customer journeys. However, no website, regardless of the beauty of design, is worth much if it is not effective, which is why we convert the user data into an amazing user experience and that experience into operating results.

Content Marketing & PR
  • 1Content marketing strategy
  • 2Public relations strategy
  • 3Pr activities implementation
  • 4Content preparation and social network management
  • 5Cooperation with influencers
  • 6Digital copywriting
  • 7Email marketing
  • 8Content monitoring and creation in real time

Clear and attractive content is crucial for the perception and success of your brand. For our clients, the content team creates content adjusted for individual communication channels and target groups. Using experiences reaching from strategic public relationship planning to social network management we can comprehensively plan and prepare the content that will maintain the relationship with your customers.

Media Buying
  • 1Cross-channel strategy and media planning
  • 2Performance marketing
  • 3Search engine marketing
  • 4Ad services and ad technology
  • 5Customer segmentation and targeting
  • 6Data analysis and visualisation 
  • 7 Live dashboards

Media strategy and buying include paid, earned, and owned channels. We ensure a holistic approach with integrated media department, which plans, buys, and manages digital and classic media channels all in one place. At the same time, we conduct live monitoring of the effectiveness of the market activities and continually optimise media buying.

  • 1Project management
  • 2Production
  • 3Event organisation
  • 4Quality assurance
  • 5Resource management
  • 6Capacity and growth planning
  • 7Photography, illustrations, animation, films

The production team takes over the design from the strategic and creative team and transfers it into the final products – content, visual messages, experiences – all according to your tactical business needs.

The origins of the agency for a connected world

Futura DDB is a creative marketing agency specializing in advertising and marketing communication.

It was founded in 2007 as part of the Futura DDB Group from Ljubljana, but the DDB story began much earlier, namely in 1949, when Bill Bernbach, Ned Doyle and Maxwell Dane rocked the advertising industry by founding an agency that sets the standards for creativity today.

We continue this story today, and efficiency and creativity in communication are our basic goals. We passionately believe in the power of ideas that are based on the truth and understanding of people and change the world. We believe in teamwork and communication, in truth and humor, both among our team and among our clients.

We provide complete marketing solutions. Advertising, creating creative solutions in classic and digital media, managing social networks, digital marketing, graphic design and event management.

We help clients design, advertise and communicate. Through comprehensive solutions and a personalized approach, including strategy, creativity and digital solutions, we increase engagement and drive business results. We develop ideas and create a path to real experiences that impact brands and their customers.

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