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We connect longevity of relationships with the public.
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The basis is a well-paved path

Companies that are aware of the necessity of regular two-way communications with the public are better at solving crisis situations and can achieve the loyalty of their partners, employees, buyers, etc. At a time when communication is crucial for companies, public relations are not used only for informing, notifying, and “checking in”, but are the very thing that builds the solid paths of trust on which communication later flows.

We judge the entry point

Public relations activities are strategically included into integrated communications. We can use them to kick off a story, prepare the atmosphere for the highlight of communication, or simply support the central communication with more detailed, explanatory, and two-way activities. Sometimes, these activities are of “hygienic nature”, sometimes they are crucial for informing and convincing one or all of your key public groups: employees, the media, local communities, financial public, buyers, etc.

PR by the pound? Never!

Gaining and nurturing trust between the company and the public, and mutual rewards are what we strive towards while working on any PR project. That is why we don’t understand PR as something that can be ordered by the pound, but something that requires close and long-term cooperation. Preparations of the activity plan are dictated by our creativity, tact, and relevance, no matter if we talk about corporate communications, media relations, product PR, employee relations, or in relations with the general public and local communities. 

We provide a detailed snapshot of the existing situation (climate and efficiency of the relations), prepare the necessary communication infrastructure including crisis situation events, short-term and long-term communication plans and implement the set activities in close cooperation with your team to achieve the set objectives.

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