New Business Models

We connect needs and innovations.
  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Transforming Products into Services
  • Loyalty Programme Development
  • New Business Model Testing
  • External Stakeholder Management
  • Digital Transformation Strategy

When customers no longer want products, just their benefits

Changes in lifestyle dictate changes in business models. New business models are on the rise because customers sometimes want the benefits that a product brings more than the product itself. For example, customers want to be mobile without having to buy a car.

Business models that solve contemporary challenges in an innovative way are attractive to customers. They simplify decision making, save time, and offer them options to personalise the product experience. For companies this might mean that they can serve the needs of a larger number of customers with a smaller number of products.

Subscription business model as a new income source

By redefining business strategies and models, a company can offer its customers a new form of the product or service experience while creating a new source of income and a new way of customer data collection for itself. 

Based on market and needs analysis of your existing and potential customers, we can help you find a new source of income.

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