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Expanding the Product Portfolio

We connect opportunity and business.
  • User Engagement Map
  • Own Brand Development
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Packaging Design
  • Industry Analysis Through Competitive Environment, Trends and Mission
  • Brand Architecture and Positioning

New brands lead to new customers

When we talk about expanding the product portfolio we are talking about a classic horizontal integration. With a new product a company can obtain a new segment and new customers. However, it is essential for the company to set clear relationships between the existing brands and the new one, and at the same time leaving the possibility of personalized experiences with the new brand open.

Comprehensive brand development and implementation

Strategic brand expansion is conceived based on the analysis of the market, competition, and the potential we detect in the wishes of customers. We help you recognize opportunities on the market and create a new product that can help you address a new target group, occupy more space on the market and increase revenue flows.

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