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Improving the Customer Experience

We connect data and experience.
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Customer Segmentation and Persona Creation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Loyalty Programme Development
  • New Business Model Testing
  • Functional Integration
  • Individual Touchpoint Analysis

It takes no fewer than 12 positive shopping experiences to remedy one negative event.

Customers are not the most loyal of creatures. At least 50% of customers will try out the user experience with the competition. For a brand, this means proving to the customers at every contact that it understands their needs. If it fails, it will be replaced by the competition 68% of the time.

Analysis, optimisation, integration

If we want to know how to retain customers, we must first find out where we lost them. The best way to improve the customer experience is to analyse the existing experience and optimise it based on the gained insight. The crucial part is to follow a specific objective on each touchpoint, arising from the shopping phase in which the customer is located. This is the only way for us to provide an experience the customer needs and expects in a particular customer journey phase.

Positive user experience are easiest to achieve using loyalty enhancement programmes and functional integration.

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