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Quality solutions create the best energy

  • Long Term Planning and Digital Roadmap
  • Creative Design and Integrated Campaign Production
  • Industry Analysis Through Competitive Environment, Trends and Mission
  • Brand Architecture and Positioning
  • Online Media Buying
  • Offline Media Buying
Quality solutions create the best energy
We know how to make the unknown known. With a coordinated creative and communication strategy, EVN has taken over the Dalmatian market.

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By creating a communication platform for the international company EVN, which is building a gas distribution network in Dalmatia, we have created an authentic and recognizable campaign.

The aim of the communication was to promote the benefits of EVN natural gas, build brand awareness and brand image, attract new customers and support business sales in Dalmatia (Zadar, Šibenik and Split). With a specific form, informative, but entertaining tone and sympathetic characters, we attracted the attention of a wide and complex target group and successfully presented the positive examples that the target group wanted to follow.

Through a comprehensive campaign, which includes a native form of TV, we base communication on local (Split) and relevant values by promoting good solutions (natural gas) for real life problems (bora). We are also expanding the campaign to Zadar, upgrading the concept of testimonials of satisfied clients, but now we are going a step further - we are using real people in the campaign.

What have we achieved?

An authentic and recognizable campaign

B2B creative and communication platform for product promotion in target markets.

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